SCUM penis slider lets you swap strength for length

Scum’s Wild Hunter update goes live today, bringing a host of new features to the early access survival game. Most notably, the update lets you get back to nature, allowing players to head out into the world as naked as the day they were born. And as if that weren’t enough, the developers are very keen to articulate the extent to which you can customise your new, nude, character models.

Simply put, the new update not only lets you control an entirely naked character, but also allows you to determine how well-endowed your character will be.

In an announcement posted on Steam earlier today, the devs revealed that they’d added a “penis size” slider to the character creation screen. You’ll start out at four inches, and can choose to either max out at eight inches or shrink down to one inch. The twist is that, like everything in Scum, your attributes are all linked. So if you fancy added a little extra length to your manhood, it’ll come at the cost of a different skill – stamina, perhaps.

Alternatively, you can gain some points by shrinking down, proving once and for all that it’s not what you’ve got that matters, but how well you use it.

Gamepires does acknowledge that not everyone wants “to have such a visual experience,” so if you don’t want to let it all hang out, you can turn on ‘concealed mode’. They also clearly want to do right by their most loyal players, so if you own the Scum Supporter Pack, you’ll start out with an extra two inches to do with as you please.

Elsewhere in the update, Gamepires has added playable musical instruments, allowing you to sit around the fire with a guitar, banjo, or harmonica. There are also new weapons in the form of two sets of bows and arrows, and some grizzly new cosmetics and decorations, from rams head helmets to some disgusting ear necklaces.

Scum has proved pretty popular, racking up one million copies sold in just three weeks. Quite what impact the latest update will have on that popularity, I couldn’t say, although it would seem that the players commenting on that announcement post aren’t all that impressed.

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