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Sea of Solitude review and breakdown

This is one of the most fantastic little games that I have played in quite a while! Now with that being said you guys know I have to pick a few things apart about it as usual but this time its nothing crazy.  I’m going to hit this game on the story.  I feel like this is one of those things where sure the story does sort of tie-up together by the end, but perhaps they could have written the story to better help you understand things right in the beginning.  You start in a boat driving through some rough seas, you would later come to know that the dark place you start is actually in your head.  (OR at least that’s what I took from it) From there on you have this battle with the darkness and light, to get to the light, you need to overcome the darkness and sometimes that might mean letting go of something.

I love how this game is played in chapters, each one a dark part of your memories that you need to overcome to better yourself.  A constant monster throughout this game is the one that swims in the water and tries to eat you every time you end up touching the water, that and a huge girl with a shell on her back. you wind up seeing those two for the entire game right up until the end when the girl with the shell on her back which is no longer there because you wind up breaking it off of her sacrifices herself to help you. This opens you up to the thought of only you can heal yourself.

As you go through the chapters you learn that they are all about your family and boyfriend all uncovering some deep dark secrets. The first major one pertains to your brother you learn that he was bullied in school and throughout this part of the game you are going through a school with the kids that would have bullied him as creatures that could kill you if they hit you enough times. (this part of the game was extremely creepy and gave off a nice horror vibe)  Now I’m not usually a puzzle kind of guy when it comes to playing games this is no secret.  this game, however, does a nice job of making the puzzles fun rather than impossibly hard where you need to stop playing the game and go look up a tutorial on how to get past a particular part.  That’s not to say that there arent parts where I wanted to rage out and break my headset because there is at least one area that almost got me but we will get to that a little later.  You start to realize while playing through this chapter that your brother had tried to tell you many times that he was being bullied and asked for help but you were so worried about yourself you never really caught it or oftentimes brushed it off like it wasn’t true or important.  This is why you have such dark memories about it you end up feeling bad for how you treated him and never paying enough attention to him.

You do wind up making a mense with everything that happened between you and your brother and towards the end of this section of the game you get him to turn back into your brother rather than the monster you knew in your head.   I have to say that this part of the game and that chapters that surround your brother was probably my favorite out the game. It had the right amount of everything and did make you feel bad for ignoring your brother.

The next big part of the game Is between your parents.  As the theme of this game goes, of course, your parents are both monsters in your head.  Your mother is some sort of scuffed Medusa but instead of snakes as hard it was octopus tentacles and your father is a chameleon.  This chapter was a bit slow for me but I do understand the need for it to be here as it does put a whole lot back into the story and help tie everything together.  You go through this one learning that your father was never happy, and felt like the mother trapped him by having kids way too fast. (Despite during one of the cinematics when they first met the father talked about having kids on the very first date).  You get to climb this HUGE tower where your dad was and in there were some pretty fun puzzles.  This part of the game had it all, there were water aspects of the game, tower climbing, and even dry land parts so this was a very diverse area.

After the big finale of all this you wind up passing out and this seen by both of your parents brings them together and gets them to not only stop fighting but to turn back into humans again. They both cry one tear on you and put you back onto your little boat where you come to.  You see them on the larger boat with your brother.  But you realize that despite all this effort helping everyone else you are still a monster at this point.

The last bit of the game and what brings you home to the ending pertains to your boyfriend.   Or rather I say your ex-boyfriend. the biome becomes something that you have not yet seen in the game and that is snow.   It’s a bit of fresh air from the watery and stormy ones that you had been in since the start of the game. (also this is the area of the game where I almost broke my headphones) A new element of how you will play is also released during this part of the game.  As you try to touch your boyfriend who is now some sort of snow fox pieces of him break off revealing the bad that’s underneath the good layer that you knew of him. You need to then take these pieces and use them to melt these huge ice walls. This is also the part of the game where you finally break the shell off of the monster that is supposed to be portraying yourself which I thought was pretty neat.  Then came the puzzle that almost made me quit…..

It’s not that this puzzle was hard to figure out, its that when you picked up a piece of your boyfriend that had fallen off you would have these three girls chase after you.  Once one of them would hit you, the piece would drop and they would take it back to the starting point where you would have to go back to get it and try again.  I must have tried to do this part 10 times before I figured out where to run so I would be just a hair faster than they would be.   But I have to say it was well built because not impossible yet kept you trying different methods to get around it. The end of this part happens by your boyfriend telling you that he just needed time to himself and that it was not working between the two of you anymore. Pleading you to let go of him, of yall. He does, however, drop a single tear as he descends into the water.  I don’t think he turns back into a human.

The end of the game is where it gets the darkest for your character.  Now you are surrounded by the corruption that you had been cleaning up for everyone else.  This makes you walk slow and become unable to run.  A nice touch that they put in is as you clean corruption it goes into your backpack and as the game goes on the backpack grows.  I thought this was great symbolism for carrying everyone else’s problems on your back.  this part of the game was a bit short but still strong. You wind up meeting with the monster (you) that you broke the shell off and she winds p helping you.   You and the girl set a trap and the monster winds up eating the girl monster (you).  This symbolized Kay letting go of all her problems and everyone else’s problems.  Letting her demons fight each other.




Overall I thought this was a fantastic little game.  Despite it being only 3 hours long it hits home for me. It is full of darkness and really deep symbolism, and leaves a message in your head to not make everything about you, but also at the same time not only want to help other people.  You need to find that balance.  Let go of the past and learn to change.  This game is going to receive one of the highest ratings I will probably ever give here on the site and that’s because for me it had everything.  Graphics that I liked, easy playability, a great story, wasn’t too long, and a nice atmosphere. Jo-MEI did an amazing job with this and I am excited to see more from them.


Below you can watch a full playthrough of the game.

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