Sea Of Thieves Producer Believes Title Had a Successful Launch; Focus Now on Success “Longer Term”

Rare Games and Microsoft’s pirate-themed Sea of Thieves released in March, and even though the game had a rocky start with a couple of connectivity issues and complains regarding shallow content. However, Executive Producer Joe Neate believes the title had a successful launch.

During an interview with WindowsCentral, Neate expressed his happiness with the game’s market performance so far and how the development is always working to continuously attract new players and “engage the players that have played.” He acknowledged the criticism Sea of Thieves received towards its content, and promised more content is certainly getting delivered. According to his statement, Rare are “tripling down” on the game’s development team to increase the amount of content they can add and reduce the time needed.

Ultimately we’ve had a successful launch of Sea of Thieves. Getting more players than we expected. We took a little time getting the servers stabilized and so on. We came out of the gate strong, and now, our opportunity and focus is making Sea of Thieves a success longer term. Let’s keep acquiring new players, let’s engage the players that have played. We’re doubling down, tripling down on the number of people working on the game, the amount of content we want to add. We hear the feedback, we’ve talked openly I think regarding top feedback points, addressing private, closed crews and so on.

We hear the content criticism. People had fun, but they want more, and that’s cool. We’re going all-in on adding awesome stuff for Sea of Thieves. That’s almost our motto across the team. We sat down just yesterday with the team building The Hungering Deep talking about what they want to add next. Everything that we do internally, both in terms of how we set our team structure, and how we look at our workflow, is about delivering stuff to players as quickly as possible. That’s the mantra within the studio. Our motivation aligns with player’s motivation.

What do you think of Sea of Thieves so far?


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