Secret of Mana Remake ESRB Rating Revealed; Receives E10+ for “Moderate Amounts of Cleavage”

Secret of Mana remake release is just around the corner, so it’s time to see the ESRB’s rating.

The ESRB gave the title an E10+ rating, due to “moderate amounts of cleavage” and “characters occasionally make mildly suggestive comments.” For those of you who don’t know Secret of Mana, the title is an action RPG classic and the remake will be in 3D with revamped gameplay mechanics. Here is the ESRB’s rating:

This is a role-playing game in which a group of fighters must defeat an evil empire by restoring a magical sword. From an overhead perspective, players explore areas (e.g., villages, forests, caves), interact with characters, and battle fantastical creatures (e.g., oversized insects, monsters, dragons). Characters use swords, axes, and magic spells to defeat enemies in real-time combat; battles are highlighted by impact sounds, light effects, and cries of pain. A handful of characters wear outfits that reveal moderate amounts of cleavage; characters occasionally make mildly suggestive comments (e.g., “Maybe I’m not…filled out like she is, but I’ve got a great personality!”)

Secret of Mana releases on PS4, PS Vita, and PC on February 15.


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