Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s Puzzles Won’t be “Trial & Error;” Director and Writer Discuss How the Hub Works

Lara Croft is coming back again in what looks like yet another excellent piece of adventure. What we have seen so far from Shadow of the Tomb Raider is very promising, and what the game’s development team had to say during their interview in PC Gamer’s June issue means they weren’t afraid to take some risks and try new things.

Gameplay Director Vincent Monnier revealed Shadow of the Tomb Raider won’t feature trial and error puzzles, and instead will rely more on players “tinkering” with their surroundings while having a sense of fear from death. Alongside Lead Writer Jill Murray, Monnier continued to discuss how the hub will experience continuous changes depending on events during your adventure.

Vincent Monnier (Gameplay Director)

We avoid trial and error, where you’d have to die to understand what’s happening. What we use, from the beginning of this trilogy, is tinkering. This tinkering is really about manipulating, usually the physics object and pulling things and making you go, ‘Oh, okay, so if I put that there and do that it’s going to work, but if I do that I’m going to die.’ That’s why players usually don’t feel cheated by the game because you always have a way to anticipate any kind of danger.

Jill Murray (Lead Writer)

We are going to have a few hubs. including the biggest hub that we’ve had so far. So people will get a more up close and personal look at the culture, not from the perspective of the artifacts necessarily, but meeting people and having to live alongside them.

Vincent Monnier (Gameplay Director)

The hub has a different aspect to it because of the living world. There is much more we can work with, with how the player plays and what the player has achieved during the game.

Shodow of the Tomb Raider’s gameplay premier is planned to take place during E3 2018.


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