Shroud Reveals Why He Chose Twitch Over YouTube

Acclaimed streamer Shroud came back to Twitch this week after a long time away from the streaming platform. His return was an immensely successful one with over 500,000 viewers tuning in to check things out and see his new post-hiatus look, watch him play games, and get the details on questions unanswered since he’d been gone. One of those questions dealt with his return and why he returned to Twitch instead of YouTube. He explained his reasoning for choosing Twitch over any other platform and hinted that he’s got plans for the future.

Shroud was on Twitch initially before he made the jump to Microsoft’s Mixer, but that all changed whenever Mixer was shut down and streamers like Shroud and Ninja were left without a dedicated streaming platform. Both took time off from streaming afterwards until they both ended up back on Twitch.

During Shroud’s return stream, he knew people were wondering why he picked Twitch. He responded to the question by praising the platform and its focus on gaming while alluding to his future plans. You can see hear those comments in the YouTube video below from his channel that captures highlights from his streams.

“Well, obviously, Twitch is the best, right, duh,” Shroud said about Twitch. “Born and raised on this platform. And two: It’s just the biggest, and it’s all about gaming. And I have some plans, let me tell you, I got some plans including gaming.”

Shroud again hinted at his plans later in the stream. He confirmed to his viewers that he does indeed have new merch coming with even more than that in the works. He said he had “a lot of secrets in [his] head right now.” He’s got a lot of things coming this year, a lot of things happening next year, and a “huge thing happening” on top of all of that, but we of course don’t know what those things are yet.

People speculated before Shroud’s return to Twitch that he and others like Ninja may be working towards a streaming platform of their own. It was also long speculated whether he’d sign with YouTube, Facebook, or come back to Twitch, but it looks like he’ll be on Twitch on for the time being.

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