SIE CEO Comments On A PlayStation Classic Release

With Nintendo breathing life back into older consoles with the release of the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic, fans have been speculating that Sony and Microsoft might (or should) follow a similar path to Nintendo.

Speaking with MantanWeb, as reported by PlayStation Lifestyle, Sony Interactive Entertainment John Kodera commented on a possible release of a PlayStation Classic Edition, stating that while there isn’t to announce at this stage, there have been discussions to revive older consoles.

Regarding a reprint edition of PlayStation (PS), Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)’s game console which was released in 1994 and became a worldwide hit, the company’s president Tsuyoshi Kodera said “There is nothing I can talk about at this time.” On top of that, he also hinted at something by saying “Our company is always digging up past assets, and I think there are various ways to do it. There have been discussions happening (in the company) on what kind of ways are there.”

Previously the CEO noted that the PS4 was at the end of its lifecycle, you can read more about this, here.

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