Skyrim total conversion Enderal has its own Steam page

Years after its original full release, Skyrim total conversion mod Enderal has its very own Steam page, which will make it easier than ever to download and play. There’s no official Steam release date just yet, but SureAI, the team behind the game, says it’ll be available to download later this year.

Enderal boasts a campaign that SureAI estimate will run for between 30-100 hours, following mankind’s attempt to overcome “The Cleansing,” an apocalyptic event passed down from the “High Ones,” which entirely wiped out the ancient civilisation that came before. As well as an open world to rival anything Bethesda has done, Enderal boasts overhauled skill systems, as well as features such as perks for wearing full armour sets.

Now that Enderal both a total conversion mod but also a standalone game, it no longer interferes with your Skyrim directory. You’ll still have to have the Elder Scrolls game installed, but you will be able to have distinct save games, allowing you to have both games on your hard drive (in a playable state) at the same time.

To catch you up, a total conversion is, according to SureAI’s announcement, “a game mod that does not add an island or quest, but instead creates its own world with its own landmass, questlines and characters.” The game relies on the Skyrim engine, which means that you’ll need to own a legal copy of the game and have it installed via Steam in order to play, the the official release on the platform should offer several benefits over what we’ve seen so far.

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Both Enderal and its DLC, Forgotten Stories, will continue to be completely free once they arrive on Steam. As I said earlier, we don’t yet know when that will be, but you can check out the shiny new Enderal Steam page before then. You can also check out the trailer, which explains some of Enderal’s story, as well as offering a look at its custom-built world, in the video above.

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