Smash DLC: A Lot Of Twitter Users Bet Against Min Min…And Lost

After much anticipation, confusion, and delay, Masahiro Sakurai, director of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, has revealed the first of six upcoming DLC fighters. We knew a representative from ARMS was on the way, and with much speculation from fans, Min Min is making her way to Smash Bros. on June 29.

Those familiar with the newest installment of Smash Bros. would be quick to rule out the inclusion of Spring Man, who appears as an assist trophy in the game. Acting as a guest fighter who can be summoned from an item in-game, it wouldn’t make sense to have Spring Man as both an assist trophy and a main fighter. It would be equally strange if Spring Man was to be removed as an assist trophy, and replaced as a main fighter. Although, if the Smash Bros. team were to do this with Waluigi, who also appears as an assist trophy, it would be not weird at all and also super cool.

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Jokes aside, Min Min deserves her day in the spotlight and fans now have a very exciting new fighter to look forward to. Sakurai breaks down all aspects of the upcoming fighter in his newest broadcast from the comfort of his own home due to COVID-19.

Some fans were understandably torn when Min Min was finally announced, but others were riding high off their accurate predictions. Some were just chaotic.

One fan that would be have been incredibly excited about this news is the late Etika — fans have been sharing clips of his excitement towards the character far before an ARMS fighter was announced for Smash.

The official ARMS Twitter also shared its own form of excitement about the news and tweeted out an adorable picture of Min Min and Captain Falcon facing off eating ramen as other fighters look on. It’s a perfect partner for the reveal trailer which also highlighted Min Min’s love for ramen.

Along with the reveal of Min Min, Sakurai also announced an amiibo for Joker and Hero, two of the first DLC fighters announced, as well as more DLC amiibo on the way.

Finally, as is the case with most DLC fighters, there are a batch of Mii fighter costumes to accompany the release. This release includes representatives from Splatoon, Tekken, ARMS, and surprisingly, Vault Boy from Fallout.

These costumes along with Min Min will be released one week from today, on June 29th.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch. Purchase upcoming and existing DLC here.

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