Snag Alien: Isolation on Steam for 95% off for Alien Day Celebration

In honor of Alien Day, Steam is currently offering Alien: Isolation for 95% off making the game only cost $2.

The game is only on sale for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage of the opportunity before it leaves. Fans of the classic films and survival horror titles, in general, will be pleased with what they get with Alien: Isolation. Blending together elements of horror with the lore of the film, the game comes as a perfect combination of both genres expanding to new territories in a creative way.

Steam is currently offering Alien: Isolation for $2, alongside a bundled edition which comes with the base game, season pass, and a handful of other downloadable content for $12. Both deals are fantastic and give way more than the price asked, so it depends on what you’re looking for when making this decision of what edition to buy.

The sale will leave tomorrow, so be sure to act wisely if you are interested in this daily deal.

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Source: Steam


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