Sonic: The Hedgehog Director Announces That Paramount Pictures and SEGA Will Redesign Our Iconic Hero Due to Harsh Criticism


Movie director of the live-action take on the iconic video game franchise Sonic: The Hedgehog, Jeff Fowler took to Twitter to announce that he and the team plan to go back into production to redesign Sonic as many fans were not happy with the original concept

Yes, you heard that right, Fowler has stated that the team will go back and redesign Sonic for the entire movie which is set to release this year in November. This is an unprecedented thing that we have never seen, and as it’s nice that the studio is listening, it is also troublesome for everyone involved in the project.

I think they should have seen the problem with the Sonic design from early production of the movie, but I guess this is where we’re at now. If they plan to get the movie out in November, there’s going to be a lot of crunch and unnecessary work for a lot of people. Perhaps the movie will be delayed for a little bit, or maybe the redesign won’t take be as big as we think.

Check out the official announcement from the Director of Sonic: The Hedgehog down below:

If you somehow missed the official trailer for the movie, make sure to check it out right here! There is some potential in the film and with not being the biggest Sonic fan, I think it can be pretty decent.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is set to release onto the big screens this November! Are you excited for the live-action Sonic movie? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter


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