Sony finally reveals PlayStation 5 hardware—and a discless “Digital Edition”

Shortly after Sony’s hour-long reveal of new video games slated to launch on PlayStation 5, the company took the wraps off of a major component of its new console: the hardware itself.

What’s more, fans learned that Sony had a secret up its sleeve on the hardware side, unannounced until today: a “Digital Edition” version of the hardware. Though the video reveal didn’t include any narration to confirm, this version of PlayStation 5 will ship without a disc drive—perhaps to drive down the console’s cost, as Microsoft attempted to do with last year’s All-Digital Xbox One S.

The console’s reveal did not include a price point or release date. This leaves us wondering exactly how much the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition might drive the price down—especially with reports suggesting that the console’s build price will be no lower than $450. Removing a Blu-ray disc drive may very well help in that respect, for those consumers who prefer buying their games digitally anyway.

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