Sony Handing Out Free Rewards For Completing ‘Missions’

In the spirit of the PlayStation experience which is happening right now in the US, Sony is handing out free PS4 dynamic themes and avatars for gamers – the only catch? You’ll have to complete specific ‘missions’ which will provide you with a redemption code to grab your reward.

For now, the “missions” are to watch the following videos: PSX 2017 video,  League of War: VR Arena launch trailer, Dreams The Game Awards 2017 trailer, the Gran Turismo Sport opening trailer, and the capper, which is to visit the PlayStation Experience 2017 homepage on December 9, 2017 starting at 10 a.m. PST. There’s also an avatar featuring Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, a “Super Daryl Deluxe Avatar bundle” and more.

What’s more, Sony has also included a free game. The first 4,000 players to complete the “Flipping Death” quest (which involves watching a trailer and checking out Zoink Games — the developer of the Zombie Vikings — Twitter page) will receive a voucher code to download the full copy of the brawler.

Unfortunately, for those in other countries, it seems like the deal is only available to those residing inside the US.

Excited to claim your free goodies? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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