Sony Has Sold Almost 6.5 Million PS4 Units In Japan Since It’s Debut

With the reveal of today’s Media Create charts we’ve now learnt that Sony has sold almost a total of 6.5 million units since the release of the PS4 in Japan back in February 2014. The grand total now sits at 6,485,416 units, which means that 2,083,974 units were sold during the fourth year of the console’s lifetime.

One would think that the release of Nintendo’s Switch last year would have weakened the sales of the PS4 – but it didn’t even dent the market, the year that just ended was the PS4’s best one in Japan. Sony’s console sold 1,143,542 units in its first year, 1,364,681 in its second year, and 1,893,219 during the third, This shows that Sony has been making a slow but steady progression upwards since it’s initial release.

In other Sony news, the entertainment giant has just launched a celebration of its 5 year anniversary of the PS4.

Five years ago today, Sony announced PlayStation 4 to a fanbase hungry for evolution. Still, lead system architect Mark Cerny approached the launch with caution, wondering whether the eighth generation console would meet player expectations. 

Source – Dualshockers


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