Sony PlayStation 5 Will Not Launch In October

There is a ton of hype going into this holiday season. It’s slated that both the next-generation video game console platforms will see a launch into the market. While Microsoft has been slowly unveiling more content for its Xbox Series X, Sony has mainly been quiet. We’re waiting for a real reveal for the console and its features that will set it apart from the competitor. However, what we don’t see happening in the console making a surprise release into the market before the holiday season.

You might have seen some reports go up online from different reliable publications about the PlayStation 5 coming out into the market within the October month of this year. This was news that was reported on due to a Sony Interactive Entertainment job listing which stated that the console will be releasing in October 2020. As a result, the discovery of this post made its way online and started to spread like wildfire.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping that this was true then you’re out of luck. It looks like going into the fall season will not mean a new console platform launch. The real release date is still hidden from the general public with instead a launch window being sometime this holiday season. This was also reiterated by Sony after news started to break about the supposed October release date.

Sony has commented on the matter to Famitsu who stated that the job listing description regarding the October 2020 release of the PlayStation 5 was a mistake and instead fans can still hold on to the release window of sometime this holiday season. We’re still, of course, waiting for a proper announcement stream giving fans a look at not only the PlayStation 5 console but what this next-generation hardware will bring to the table over the PlayStation 4 and its competitor the Xbox Series X.

Source: IGN


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