Sony Releases New Thriller Trailer Showcasing Death Stranding’s Cinematic Horror Scenes

Sony has released a new trailer for the critically acclaimed title, Death Stranding. It’s kind of strange to release trailers for a game that has already been released, but then again its a Hideo Kojima game.

The latest trailer for Death stranding is focused around the game’s thriller moments. If you haven’t gotten around to checking out the latest game from Kojima, let me tell you that the game is filled with some tense moments and true horror excitement. From the BTs, Mads Mikkelsen, and the empty world of Death stranding, players will definitely be on edge sometimes and the latest trailer showcases some of the biggest thrills of the titular game!

Check out the new Death Stranding thriller short trailer down below:


In related news, Sony has released another trailer which puts a spotlight on the iconic game developer, Hideo Kojima. Titled The Story of Kojima Productions, the trailer goes through a brief history of how Hideo Kojima became to work in the video game industry. As we all know, Kojima is a movie person, he loves watching movies so it was always in his nature to have a story to tell.

For years hes been watching movies, reading books, and consuming media, but there was no way for him to share his ideas and stories to the world until he stumbled in the video game industry. Ever since then Kojima has been telling stories that have been captivating for generations. With his latest title now available, players are now once again privileged to check out the masterful mind of Kojima in action. Check out the The Story of Kojima Productions Trailer right here!

Death Stranding is now available for the PS4. How are you liking the game so far? Enjoying Kojima’s latest title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YoutTube


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