Soon You’ll Be Able To Upgrade Every Exotic Weapon In Destiny 2

With Destiny 2’s upcoming Warmind DLC, players will be able to upgrade every exotic weapon in the game. Previously players were only able to upgrade legendary weapons and armor, now Bungie has announced that each exotic weapon in Destiny 2 will be getting its own Masterwork version through a “catalyst.”

‘There will be one Exotic Masterwork per Exotic weapon that exists so far in Destiny 2. In order to begin the Masterwork process, players will have to find an Exotic Masterwork Catalyst. When inspecting the Exotic, there will be a hint at what activities can grant the catalyst for that weapon. Not all Exotic Masterworks have the same drop rates. Some Exotic Masterwork weapons are guaranteed after a certain amount of engagement, while others are earned at random.’

While we don’t have many other details, Bungie did state that Masterworks will offer bonus stats and potential perks for your exotics. It’s also worth noting that the feature will not limit players who do not purchase the DLC, every Destiny 2 player will be able to access the masterwork upgrades.

Read more about the coming addition to Destiny 2, here.


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