Spencer Discusses Microsoft’s “Three Cs” Policy When Looking for New Game Studios; “Content, Community and Cloud”

Back in June, Microsoft acquired five indie studios who proved themselves within the industry through creative and successful titles, including State of Decay 2’s Undead Labs and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice’s Ninja Theory. Fast forward a little bit to earlier this week, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella discussed the studio’s “aggressive” investment policy to offer new “content, community and cloud services.”

These three words define another aspect of Microsoft’s decision making process, not just their investment decisions. Executive VP of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, discussed how the studio looks for the suitable developer to work with, after setting the “three Cs” criteria.

We think about content as a critical, critical aspect as gamers play games. The community around these games, allowing people to be connected to their players and their friends and their content across all the devices is why we invest in Xbox Live and Mixer, our video streaming platform, and then cloud. So, we think about it as three Cs, content, community and cloud. Cloud is the way we can deliver community and content to a player on any device. Yes, I’d say I’d hesitate to look for a game studio that’s only capable of building on one device because gamers play games on all devices, and I think you’re missing out on an opportunity if you’re not thinking about games that can work everywhere players show up.

What do you think of Microsoft’s policy of picking the studios they want to work with?

[Source: Webcast]


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