Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher joins Rainbow Six Siege in leaked crossover video

For not having appeared in his own game for seven years, Sam Fisher sure gets around. A new leaked video shows him joining Rainbow Six Siege in an upcoming crossover event, which has him operating under the codename Zero.

Sam Fisher’s most recent appearance was in Ghost Recon Wildlands, in which he featured in a set of PvE missions added post-launch. Since then, he’s shown up primarily in leaks and rumours, most recently in June in a shaky leaked gameplay video posted to Reddit that suggested the Splinter Cell operative was scheduled to arrive in Siege under the codename ‘Scout’, equipped with a gadget that allowed him to drill and see through walls.

“You should know better than to write me off,” Fisher says in the leaked clip, which looks high-quality enough to be legit. Fisher’s three distinctive night vision lenses click on in their trademark green glow. “Consider this a teaching moment.” The video shows a bearded Fisher wearing a high-collared winter jacket and combat harness, hefting a rifle in one hand and holding a tablet in the other.

Here’s the video:

As WccfTech points out, you shouldn’t draw any inferences from the DeadSec reference in the video – that’s just what @R6Leaks uses as a watermark for content they post, and it doesn’t indicate a coming Watch Dogs/Splinter Cell crossover.

The leak also confirms that the next big content update for Siege is called Operation Shadow Legacy.

If Fisher is joining the ranks, we assume it’ll be as an attacker – his specialty has always been infiltration, after all. But it may also mean that our list of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators for 2020 may have a shakeup on the way.

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