Spotify Is Giving Away Free Google Home Speakers — Here’s How to Claim Yours


With a Spotify Premium subscription, you may be eligible for a free Google Home Mini speaker.

The popular streaming service teamed up with Google to offer up free speakers to all new and existing Individual and Family Premium subscribers from now through Nov. 15 — or until supplies last — according to a press release obtained by PEOPLE.

Last year, Spotify did a similar promotion for Family subscribers, but have now extended the offer to individual plans. The new deal, however, still does not include Student Premium subscribers (who have their own deal with Hulu and Showtime), and users who received a Google Home Mini last year are not eligible to claim another one this year.


The mini speaker, which retails for $50, can be used to play music or control smart home devices. Additionally, it answers voice commands and questions.

Here’s how you can claim one for free:

  1. Head to Spotify’s website and click on the Premium landing page. There you will be prompted to either sign-up or sign-in if you already have a Premium subscription.
  2. Once you are logged into your account, or once you’ve set up a new Premium account, you will be prompted with a “Get your Google Home Mini” link.
  3. After you’ve agreed to standard terms of service, Spotify will email you a link to Google’s online store with a code to claim your free Google Home Mini.
  4. You’ll be asked to choose a color and provide shipping information — and the price will be reduced to $0 at check-out.

An individual Spotify Premium plan costs $9.99 a month for one account, while a Family plan costs $14.99 a month and allows up to six accounts.

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