Square Enix Voices Importance Of PC In The Industry

While to many, PC gaming has been neglected from publishers over the past few years with many gamers opting for the console route rather than the seemingly more complicate PC choice due to the hardware’s dedication to it’s medium – this rings especially true for Japanese developers, which have often been focused on outputting titles for Sony and Nintendo.

Now it seems that more and more publishers have been realizing the potential for the PC market, one of the first of these has been Square Enix.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Chief Executive Officer Yosuke Matsuda reiterated the importance of PC, to the publisher, and voiced the regional differences in console development.

“There is definitely that variation between different regions, that is true,” he said. “Our basic thought for Japanese development studios and for our Western development studios like Eidos Montreal we’ve got games being made in London at Crystal Dynamics, we all basically follow the idea that we want people everywhere around the world to enjoy our games, so the basic policy is that we want to have all our games on every platform available as far as possible.”

He added, in explicit and no uncertain terms that, “We think PC is essential.”

So, those who prefer playing on PC master race can expect more PC support in the future from the publisher and it’s relevant studios.


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