Stardew Valley Has Finally Released On Android

There are a few farming based simulation games that really get players riled up. For instance, Harvest Moon is a series that easily comes to mind but as of the past few years, one title that really gathered a large crowd was Stardew Valley. Everyone was playing this game and thoroughly enjoying it, but now that the game has flooded on current generation consoles and PC platforms, the now iconic IP has made its way on mobile devices.

Stardew Valley was developed by ConcernedApe with Chucklefish help publishing the title back in 2016. Really, if you enjoyed titles like Harvest Moon, a title franchise that really inspired the development of this game, then you’ll get the general gist of what Stardew Valley is about. Overall, the game puts players into a character who moved away from the city and takes over a farm that was once owned by the protagonist’s grandfather. Now the goal is to turn a profit by maintaining the farm and continuously improving the various crops and livestock that the farm has.

Of course, like Harvest Moon, there is a local town that players can visit for events or communicate with the various NPCs that inhabit the location. As mentioned, the game was a massive hit and while it’s available on pretty much all of the current generation platforms, Apple iPhone owners had a brief exclusivity of the title. That has now ended and gamers who own an Android device can now download and enjoy the game.

This game will cost players a bit of money, especially for smartphone standards. Currently, the title is available for $7.99, but if you enjoyed it originally and want to play Stardew Valley on the go or simply use your current PC save on a smartphone then we highly suggest picking it up.

[Source: The Verge]


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