Stealth-Action Title Past Cure Trophy List Revealed; Trophies’ Description Reveal Minor Story Details

Phantom8’s stealth-action title Past Cure release is a little over a month away from now, so it’s time to excite some trophy-hunters.

PSNProfiles posted the game’s trophy list. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a Platinum trophy, but it includes nine Bronze, three Silver and one Gold trophy. However, read the trophies’ description at your own responsibility, since they include minor story details and level titles which give away some of the action.


  • Live to See Another Day
    Clear the level “My Peronal Battlefield.”
  • Bedtime
    Clear the level “Sleepless Nights.”
  • Checkmate
    Clear the level “Past Secrets.”
  • Parking Ticket
    Make your way up to the lobby.
  • Room Service
    Get the contents of Dr. Fletcher’s suitcase and unlock every safe.
  • Prison Break
    Escape the prison dead or alive.
  • Get your meds
    Retrieve the black pill.
  • Paint It Black
    Take the black pill and defeat Amos.
  • Suprise!
    Kill an agent that sees you before he can call for help.


  • Master of time
    Kill 5 agents in a row while in slow motion.
  • Bull in a China Shop
    Kill 25 porcelain figures in your nightmare.
  • Kung Fu Master
    Perform 3 full combos that kill enemies within 10 seconds.


  • Godlike
    Kill 3 agents with one shot.

For those who don’t know Past Cure, here is a brief description of the title:

After years of being tortured in dark prisons across Europe, former elite soldier Ian lives in his brother’s safehouse, struggling with the consequences of the military experiments he was put through. They twisted his mind; imbued him with preternatural mental abilities such as time manipulation and telekinesis, and fractured his grip on reality. Driven by hallucinations and his thirst for revenge, Ian enlists his brother’s help and sets out on a thrilling hunt; both for the perpetrators of the conspiracy against him and for the truth underlying his torment. During the course of his mission Ian experiments with his new powers, quickly coming to realize their inherent danger – with each use, his sanity frays a little more, drawing the nightmarish attention of something beyond reality.

In pursuit of the men behind his imprisonment, Ian soon realizes that his true enemy may be hiding within his own madness.

Past Cure releases on February 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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