Steam Adds Developer and Publisher Pages for Players to Follow


Valve recently implemented a new feature for Steam users to enjoy, developer and publisher pages.

A feature present in Sony’s PlayStation Network, which enables people to follow their favourite developers and industry personnel. Recently, Valve released the Beta version of its brand new developer and publisher pages, allowing players to follow their favourite developers and get notifications whenever their games go on sale or whenever they release a new game. Valve will also take into consideration the type of games to show in your recommended section according to the developers you follow.

Each game’s store page prominently lists the developers and publishers that helped make that game a reality. By clicking on one of these names, you can explore more games from that developer or publisher.

Browse the homepage of your favorite developer or publisher to see what else they’ve made that you might be interested in. Creators with a number of titles can showcase the series and franchises in a number of different ways, or just focus on highlighting their top-selling or newest releases.

Follow your favorite developers and publishers and get notified by e-mail when they release their next title. (As always, you can opt out of specific e-mails at any time.)

Once you follow a developer or publisher, Steam will start including more of their recent releases or hot deals in your recommendations, on your front page, and across the Steam store.

How useful do you think this feature will be once it is fully functional?


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