Steam Boasts 17 Million Concurrent Players


Steam, Valve’s online platform has just hit an amazing milestone, the gaming platform has just hit 17 million concurrent users which means, more people were playing Steam at the same time than ever bought a Wii U. Or PS Vita. Or Dreamcast. Or Sega Saturn. Just to be clear, concurrent refers to the number of people using the platform at once and not the total amount of users.

This is likely thanks to the incredible success of Bluehole Studio’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which surpassed Valve’s two most played titles of all time, boosting those numbers up to the big 17.

Another factor that may have played a strong role was the Steam Autumn Sale which brought a host of game down to ridiculously cheap prices in celebration of Black friday.

Even so, it’s incredible to see Valve’s platform continue to grow – especially considering the more who participate in Steam the more sales and cheaper prices we should see from the company.

Thoughts on Steam’s incredible acheivement? Were you one of the 17 million players this weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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