Steam Concurrent Playercount Surpasses 18 Million

Considering the burst in players Bluehole Studios’ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds brought in last year – it’s only a matter of time before Steam snags the 20 million concurrent players mark. Now it seems that the gaming platform is nearing the milestone, with the highest number of concurrent players reaching 18 million concurrent users for the first time, with seven million users currently in-game (as of January 6).

Gaming news site VG247 has pointed out that this peak is a dramatic increase from 14 million back in January last year, marking all of those logged in but not necessarily in-game on the platform.

Of course, all the glory can’t be given to PUBG alone, Steam has also seen the introduction of brilliant new games to the platform, Cuphead being one of them. In other Steam news, you may want to see the 2017 gaming awards for the system, check them out here.

‘2017 was a great year for video games, and Steam officially announced the winners of their community-voted categories. Most of the results aren’t surprising and at the same time, it was an easy way to get some trading cards. ‘


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