Steam releases are being delayed – and cancelled – in favour of the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store launched last week, providing a brand-new platform for fans to buy their games, and a hefty 88/12% revenue split for developers. Just days after the store launched, the popularity of that split is proving pretty impactful, as several devs have announced that they’re delaying and even cancelling their Steam store releases in favour of Epic.

Among the most abrupt changes was for Satisfactory, the upcoming factory building game from Goat Simulator developers Coffee Stain Studios. In a video posted on Friday, the studio’s community manager, Jace Varley, confirmed that Satisfactory’s page on the Steam store was gone, and the game would no longer be releasing on Valve’s platform.

In the video, which you can watch further down this article, Varley said that the decision was made several months ago, and had not been affected by changes to Steam’s revenue sharing system, or by the studio’s recent purchase by publisher THQ Nordic. But while Satisfactory might be the most abrupt change of direction, it’s far from the only one.

At least three other developers have confirmed lengthy exclusivity periods on the Epic store for their games. Space game Genesis Alpha One will no longer release on Steam on its proposed date of January 29, 2019, as revealed by publisher Team17 in a recent Steam post. Elsewhere, Double Damage confirmed 12 months of exclusivity for their own space game, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

Last night, Team Meat confirmed that its upcoming Super Meat Boy Forever will also be exclusive on the Epic store for a year, and will come to Steam in April 2020. Super Meat Boy’s creator, Tommy Refenes took to Discord to discuss the change, saying that the new platform is “desperately needed to get Steam to give a shit.”

The Epic Games store already has its own exclusives. As well as providing you with a means to play Fortnite, it’s also the home of Hades, the new game from the developers of Bastion and Transistor, and beautiful action RPG Ashen.


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