Steam will get its first “100% uncensored” adult game later this week

Valve has approved its first entirely uncensored pornographic game for sale on Steam. Negligee: Love Stories is a four-part adult visual novel, and according to a recent update from its developer, Dharker Studios, it will release on Steam later this week, “fully uncensored.”

Last month, the developers posted an update stating that, due to new features being added into the Steam store, the game’s approval would potentially be delayed by several months, despite censorship undertaken by the developers. Those features, which are essentially content filters requiring customers to opt-in to seeing adult games, were added to the Steam store in an update last week. This meant that Negligee (and presumably other adult games) could be re-submitted for review.

In a post on September 7, Dharker stated that the game would be re-submitted for review “in its fully uncensored format.” A further update, posted today, confirmed that the game has completed the review process “and will be our first every [sic] 100% uncensored game on Steam, no patch needed.” That seems to mean that Negligee: Love Stories will be the first uncensored pornographic adult game on Steam when it releases later this week.

The game’s store page (which is obviously NSFW) now contains a mature content description, outlining exactly what adult content features in the game. Its four stories “include dialogue of sexual themes, sexual interactions and nudity, and through them illustrations featuring nudity, undressing and sexual interactions as well.”

According to an update on the game’s KickStarter (also NSFW), “this new filter is automatically set to block [adult games].” That means that if you want to see them in your store recommendations, you’ll need to edit your personal preferences in order to do so.

It’s a dramatic turnaround for Valve, as earlier this year it was revealed that adult games would be withheld from the Steam store, after the company stated that it would open up the platform to anything that wasn’t “illegal, or straight up trolling.” Negligee: Love Stories will be the first game of its kind to release on Steam when it comes out on September 15, but expect a spate of similar titles to follow soon after.


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