Steep Update 1.12 Introduces New Grind Controls, New Tricks, Adds Grind Scoring and More

Ubisoft’s dangerous sport title, Steep, recently received update 1.12.

Update 1.12 changes a number of things in the game. The update introduces new grind controls, new grind tricks, adds grind scoring and a specific camera, updates around 30 challenges Alps and Alaska and much more. The update is currently live on consoles and PC.

Grind improvements
  • New controls
    • Rotation is now on Left Stick with directions left/right controlled by Right Stick while using a controller. With a keyboard the rotation is by default on W, A, S, D with directions left/right controlled by J/L.
  • More Tricks (Nose – Tail – Rotation)
    • It’s now possible to do a lot more tricks while grinding, full list down below. Previously, you were only able to do rotations.
      • Rotations with Left Stick left/right (A/D with a keyboard by default).
      • Nose press with Left Stick up (W with a keyboard by default).
      • Tail press with Left Stick down (S with a keyboard by default).
      • You can combine rotations with Nose/Tail press.
      • Lateral navigation with Right Stick left/right (J/L with a keyboard by default).
      • Transfer with Right Stick + Jump (I, J, K, L + Space with a keyboard by default).
  • It’s now easier to enter and exit rails.
  • We have added grind scoring and a specific camera.
Big Air and Half Pipe improvements
  • You can now jump higher in these two events. Landings have also been optimized and we have added a specific camera.
All icons have been reworked
  • We have reworked all icons in Mountain View/Menu, now it should be clearer to understand what each activity is about.
The Store and Character pages have been updated
  • Both pages have a brand new layout, it’s now easier to navigate through them.
Some challenges in Alps and Alaska have been updated
  • We have updated around 30 challenges in Alps and Alaska, optimizing their field of expertise, name, difficulty or rules. In particular, we’ll also reset the leaderboards of all challenges with an updated set of rules (list down below).
    • Alps
      • NIGHT OWL
      • GOOD VIBES
      • VERTIGO
    • Alaska
      • RUTH CREST
A new way to get Sled, Rocket wingsuit, Speed Riding, Base jump
  • It’s now possible to buy every single sport added in a previous DLC (Sled, Rocket wingsuit, Speed Riding, Base jump) with Steep Credits.
Other improvements
  • The Korean language is now supported.
  • Minor bugs and technical issues have been fixed across all platforms.

Make sure to share with us your clips if you managed to nail one of the new tricks introduced with the new update.


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