Step Up Your Swag Game With SCUF Boots On The Ground

It’s not what you play, it’s how you play. Scuf Gaming’s latest limited edition bundle fully embodies that ethos, giving you the competitive edge you need in tense gaming moments with unique, patented paddle Scuf controls. The Scuf B.O.T.S (Boots On The Ground) pack is an assortment of collectors items, plus the star of the show—a fully equipped Scuf controller.

SCUF Paddle Controls, limited edition shirt, hat and patch, military dog tag, braided charging cable plus Precision Thumbsticks Kit.

Scuf paddles aren’t just a great gift for the holidays, they’ve become practically essential in the world of eSports. The beauty of Scuf’s ergonomic design means your thumbs needn’t stray from thumbsticks, costing you valuable time that could otherwise be spent perfecting your aim and locking onto enemies. Scuf paddles modify the back of your PS4 or Xbox One controller by functioning as duplicate face buttons, reducing overall hand strain and response time by a significant margin.

And it’s not just paddles that give Scuf controllers the upper hand. The textured, rubber pro-grip is a military grade, non-slip covering that encases your controller with a durable skin that you can count on. If you’re an FPS veteran, the infinity design adjustable hair triggers and trigger stop mechanisms will assist with precision, tension, and decrease trigger latency for a more focused experience.

Those interested can pre-order the Scuf B.O.T.G Limited Edition bundle via Scuf Gaming’s website today.


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