Subnautica goes arctic in Below Zero, a new expansion playable this year

Subnautica: Below Zero is going to be a standalone expansion for the original undersea survival sandbox. Developer Unknown Worlds has been teasing just such a release for some time, but has now finally lifted the veil, revealing the title, setting, and release plans for this frozen follow-up.

Early Access for Below Zero will begin later in 2018 with an “unfinished, early version” of the game, with a series of content updates to follow, just the same as the original Subnautica. It’s still an oceanic survival sandbox with a big emphasis on base building and open-ended exploration, but this time it’s set in an arctic region of planet 4546B.

With a chilly new biome, the team is currently planning on introducing features like thermal management, along with a handful of new creatures, base pieces, and vehicle options. We’re still at a pre-Early Access stage here, so everything is very much subject to change. As with the original, the devs are keep fans updated by making their development process public on Trello.

Current plans put Below Zero as a 10-20 hour experience priced at $15, with a world map roughly a sixth the size of the base game. Again – all plans subject to change this early in development.

Subnautica released in finished form earlier this year, and the possibility of an arctic expansion has been swimming around for even longer. Now, at last, we have some concrete ideas on what to expect.

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