Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is Built Completely From The Ground Up

With the announcement of Super Smash Bros Ultimate earlier this year, Brawlers were very excited to see some more teases of the latest iteration in the franchise during this year’s E3 – and it seems like Nintendo didn’t dissapoint.

So far, however, the game looks remarkably similar to that of the Wii U release. Rest assured, however, the Switch make of the iconic beat-em-up is in fact a completely new game built from the ground up.

‘It’s a brand new game built from the ground up. As far as it being a ‘sequel,’ I don’t really think of Smash Bros. games as being sequels, they’re just new Smash Bros. games. Everything has been built brand new. Of course you see returning characters and returning movesets, but that’s sort of the nature of a fighting game. You obviously want to bring in new players, but you have to satisfy core players. If I’m playing Mario and I don’t have a good Up and B, I’m going to be writing my local congressman to get it changed. It’s a tough balance, but yeah, it’s a brand new game’

The new entry in the series will also feature massive upgrades to the lighting engine and texture work. Many characters, like Zelda, also have received some visual changes.

‘True to form, I’m sure [Masahiro] Sakurai sat down with the original artists from that game and said, ‘What are we gonna do about that necklace, how do we want her gown to look?’ Those details are just everywhere. And that’s just purely from a visual standpoint.’

Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches on Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

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