Supermassive Games Reveals New IP Man of Medan

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Supermassive Games has worked on a number of video games over the years since it was founded in 2008 but the biggest series is arguably Until Dawn. The horror title released back in 2015 and became a hit for the PlayStation 4. Now the developers have a new series in the works that will follow the same overall same gameplay mechanics. This new series is called The Dark Anthology and already it has been confirmed that this series of games will not be exclusive to any particular console platform.

While three video games are planned to be released in the series, only one so far has been unveiled which is Man of Medan. This particular title will follow a group of friends who are embarking on a treasure hunt within the deep sea. Much like Until Dawn, all of the characters are capable of dying which means you’ll have to think carefully about your actions throughout the narrative.

The variety of characters included in each title seems to be a constant for this series with likely the setting and overall goal being different. For now, we only have details on this first title though all three will be published under Bandai Namco. Ultimately this means that the series will be released across the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. There is currently no word on if we will see a release on the Nintendo Switch.

As of right now you can take a look at the announcement trailer for Man of Medan within the video posted right above while we wait for the game to release sometime in 2019.

[Source: IGN]


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