Switchblade Closed Beta Sign Ups Launch

Switchblade, the vehicle combat title developed by Lucid Games (a team comprising of talent that has worked on Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars) has announced closed beta sign-ups for PS4. The signups open from today and available for registration right here.

Switchblade is all about action. It’s a 5v5 competitive title whereby you take control of a weaponized vehicle to obliterate the other team’s tower. Teammates take control of different vehicles such as healing and support to assist you in the conquest

“We wanted to push the concept of vehicle combat games further than anything out there,” said Craig Howard, Creative Director at Lucid Games. “The idea of a vehicle sport where strategy, as well as reactions, was key to winning and our focus as we feel compelling sports need both of these.”

To read more about it, check out the game’s excerpt down below:

Compete in a frantic 5v5 struggle to destroy opposition towers and win.

Escort explosive mobs to opposition towers and take out their defensive shields.

Once a tower’s shields are down, blast it’s core to take it out.

Destroy enough towers before the match ends and victory is yours.

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