Syfy has canceled The Expanse, but its producers want to find it a new home

Enlarge / Grace Lynn Kung as Doris (L), Terry Chen as Praxidike Meng (R).

Season three of the acclaimed Sci-Fi drama The Expanse is well underway, but unfortunately, it will be the last season to air on Syfy. The final episode will be the season finale slated for early July, Deadline reports. The Los Angeles-based production company behind the show says it will try to shop the series to other potential broadcasters or streaming platforms around town.

The Expanse, based on a series of popular novels by a duo of authors who write under the pen name James S. A. Corey, was critically claimed and beloved by fans, but it was expensive to produce, it delivered poor on-air ratings, and critically, Syfy had only first-run linear rights. In other words, it did not have the OTT (over-the-top; streaming and other digital distribution as opposed to broadcast air) rights. For a show like The Expanse, OTT viewing is key for longterm revenue. The show was only made available on cable television, or by purchasing episodes or season passes on digital storefronts like iTunes and Amazon.