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The Last Campfire Is A Totally Chill Puzzle Adventure

The Last Campfire, the latest from No Man’s Sky studio Hello Games, is a perfect game for unwinding. There’s no urgency to hero Ember’s journey through the mysterious world they’re trapped in at the beginning of the story. It’s about wandering lush fantasy environments and solving puzzles as lovely music plays. Push some blocks, light some fires, lead some pigs, and chill. read more


2000’s JRPG ‘Summer Of Adventure’ Saw Square At The Height Of Its Powers

Twenty years ago this month Square released Chrono Cross, a big, beautiful mess of a game bursting at the seams with style, atmosphere, and Japanese RPG minutia. But it wasn’t the only major game Square released that summer. The publisher also delivered Threads of Fate and Legend of Mana, two other games that riffed on the classic Square JRPG in fun and interesting ways. It was a lovely time and I miss everything about it. read more


So Glad I Finally Discovered The Sci-Fi Puzzle Adventure Observation

“I am here.”

You’ll hear that line often over the course of Observation, a puzzle-adventure game that came out last year for PC and PlayStation 4 and earlier this summer for Xbox One. (It’s also included in the Xbox Game Pass library.) If you’re looking for a short, satisfying adventure to help you weather the August doldrums—between rounds of Fall Guys, of course—you’d be hard-pressed to find a sweeter option than Observation. read more