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Best TikToks to Watch Before App Gets Banned

TikTok, the absolute time-waster and video app for children/intellectually stunted adults like myself, is set to be restricted in the U.S., according to executive orders signed by President Trump. Beginning Sunday, the app will no longer appear on any app store. Users who have already downloaded TikTok and the app WeChat can continue using them, but updated versions won’t be able to be downloaded, with further restrictions possibly to come, CNN reports. read more


Make Sure That New App You’re Tweeting About Is Real

Our timeline transitioned into an episode of Black Mirror so gradually, we didn’t even notice (well, maybe some of us noticed). But the new reality will start getting harder to deny when companies just start straight up ripping off episodes of that darkly satirical, five-minutes-into-the-future Netflix series. Case in point: The Forever Social, a new service that promises to use advanced artificial intelligence to maintain your presence on social media after your death. (As if Twitter wasn’t already cursed enough.) read more