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Goliath’s Official WrestleMania 33 Preview and Predictions

It is the most exciting time of the year for wrestling fans. WrestleMania typically marks the “season finale” for the year that was in WWE. There are always many twists and turns on the road to WrestleMania and this year is no different. Friendships tossed aside, disrespect for authority, injuries, title changes, and so much more has made up this crazy journey, and it is all about to come to an end. read more


Bill Goldberg: CM Punk Should Not Get Another UFC Fight

Bill Goldberg is, for some reason, making the media rounds. We guess it’s probably to promote his appearance in the new WWE 2K17 game, because it’s not like he’s been doing much else lately. Regardless, like many others in the combat sports businesses of MMA and pro wrestling, the former WWE and WCW champion recently weighed in on CM Punk’s UFC debut. In case you hadn’t heard the news, Punk got beat down pretty badly and lost the fight in a little over two minutes, without landing a single punch. read more