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Let’s Remember The Great Cars Of The Venture Brothers

The Venture Brothers isn’t just one of my favorite animated shows, it’s one of my very favorite TV shows period. Adult Swim ended one of the longest-running shows in its line up this week after 81 episodes over 17 years. If you’ve never seen it (There’s no excuse, it’s been around for 17 years. Seriously, get your life together) the show explores the equal parts wacky and depressing adult life of the thoroughly unimpressive Dr. Thaddus ‘Rusty’ Venture, former-boy adventurer à la Johnny Quest. He and his two current boy adventurer sons, Hank and Dean, navigate a reality full of insecure super scientists, dysfunctional villains with punny names and supernatural neighbors. read more


If You Like Pixels And Old Japanese Cars Boy Are You In Luck

I bet you wouldn’t mind something fun and absolutely unrelated to all of this (gestures vaguely around with arms) mess around us all right now? Of course, you would. You’re human. And, as a human, I suspect that you also have a special love for well-crafted pixel art and old Japanese Domestic Market Cars. If you weren’t aware, I’m pretty much a human myself, and find these things delightful, which is why I find this little tool (toy?) on the Retro JDM website so charming. I bet you will, too. read more