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Sarah Elmaleh Is Fostering Collaboration Between Developers And Voice Actors

Video game characters are much more than the sum of their pixels. Behind the dialogue, grunts and cheers is a talented actor working hard to bring life to games’ tangible but distant worlds. Sometimes their names are front and center, like David Hayter’s next to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid. Other times you may go through an entire game without connecting the dots. read more


Fall Guys Players Are Already Unlocking An Achievement That Developers Thought Was Impossible

Fall Guys looks easy until you try it. Then you realize that it’s not about claiming glorious victory over noodle-legged nobodies. Instead, your one and only goal is to avoid accidentally discovering innovative new ways to eat shit. Winning one match is tough. Winning five in a row is darn near impossible. And yet, mere days after the game’s official release, people are already doing it. read more