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Apple Court Filing Says Epic Asked For Special Deal Before All This Nonsense Started

When we last left the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, the game maker had requested the court prevent Apple from removing its games and dev tool access from the App Store. Today, Apple fired back in a filing opposing the request, producing an email dated June 30 from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney asking Apple execs to let his company bypass Apple’s payment systems. read more


An Ancient Epic Is A Beautiful Exploration Of Love And Gods

Raji: An Ancient Epic plays like an epic poem. Shadow puppet cutscenes help tell the story of main character Raji and there are murals all over the world displaying stories from Hindu mythology. The music aids the grandness of the storytelling, with a sitar frantically strumming in time with Raji’s spear swipes or the wail of a wooden flute that sounds like a mother’s mourning howl when Raji falls. In a video game landscape dominated by America, Japan, and Europe, it’s refreshing to see a game based outside those three spheres, one developed by people who actually live in the culture the game is about. read more


Epic Asks Court To Prevent Apple From Blocking Fortnite And The Unreal Engine

Even if you’ve been living under a rock with only your computer-illiterate grandparents and the TI-84 calculator you all huddle around each night for warmth, you’ve probably heard that Apple is removing Fortnite from the App Store. Now developer Epic says that Apple is going after every part of its App Store presence, including the Unreal Engine, and has asked the court to legally prevent Apple from doing so. read more


President Trump Now Targeting Tencent, Who Own Riot Games And 40% Of Epic

US President Donald Trump’s attacks on TikTok escalated wildly today, after he signed an Executive Order that not only seeks to prevent Americans from doing business with ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company), but also targets Tencent, the Chinese giant that among other things owns Riot (League of Legends), along with partial stakes in everyone from Ubisoft to Epic Games to Paradox. read more