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Final Fantasy XVI’s Trailer Looks Like A Mix Of IX And XII (And That’s Great!)


One of the biggest surprises of the Sony PS5 event on Wednesday was the reveal of a new main-line Final Fantasy game, the 16th in the series (more like the 36th if you count all the sequels and spinoffs and Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus). Fans of the series are excited, and some online noted that the trailer seems to signal a move away from the futuristic themes of recent single-player Final Fantasys and a return to the “fantasy” part of Final Fantasy. read more


I Can’t Stop Thinking About Final Fantasy XIV’s Latest Villain

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Be it Sephiroth or Seymour, Zemus or Kuja, Kefka or a weird evil tree, Final Fantasy does not lack for classic villains. And while some of Final Fantasy XIV’s may not be as well-known, the MMORPG enjoys a particular knack for humanizing even the most heinous antagonists, and its latest is no exception. FFXIV’s patch 5.3, Reflections In Crystal, gives us one of the most brilliant antagonists yet in Elidibus, a fascinating character with a compelling and metatextual emotional arc I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since launch day. read more


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Doesn’t Fix What Needed Fixing

I’ve been waiting 16 years to finally enjoy playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. But after sinking five hours into the remaster, the fun still eludes me. I’ve wanted to play a Final Fantasy party game that combines arcade co-op with RPG customization ever since I first read about Crystal Chronicles in a 2003 SquareSoft brochure, but decades later Crystal Chronicles still ain’t it. read more


Final Fantasy XIV’s Latest Patch is Surprisingly Full of Hope

After waiting through COVID-related delays, the newest patch of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is finally available. Reflections of Crystal has had heavy expectations placed on it, with the patch’s trailer teasing the post-Shadowbringers storyline hurtling towards a well-earned conclusion, backed by the consistently excellent writing we’ve seen since the expansion’s release last year. read more