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EVE Online’s Alien Invasion Is Finally Over

EVE’s long-running alien invasion has come to an end. Over the last few months, the aliens known as Triglavians have taken over many of the game’s star systems, with the help of some players. The mysterious forces’ ultimate goal was not known until the launch of the Phoenix Quadrant last week, when 27 of those star systems suddenly blinked out of existence. read more


Teenager Finally Achieves Her Dream Of Dating Godzilla

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Thirteen-year-old Seira Watanabe is a huge Godzilla fan. She has an impressive collection of figures and does an excellent impression of the kaiju’s roar. Recently, she wrote to Osaka television show Tantei! Knight Scoop, asking to go on a date with Godzilla. read more


The early COVID grocery shortages explained, finally

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Remember the good old days of March and April when every week, there was a different empty section of the grocery store? No flour, no yeast, no pasta, no hand sanitizer, no toilet paper. Remember how we panicked? (I personally remember scoring an ounce of yeast from a local bakery and feeling like a seasoned black marketeer.) Now it turns out, according to this story in Slate, that there wasn’t a lack of flour, yeast, pasta, etc. after all. Instead, all the shortages were due to a lack of packaging. Because when you buy five pounds of flour, you don’t just buy five pounds of flour. You also buy the paper sack the flour comes in. read more


Destiny 2’s Weirdo Planetary Vendors Are Finally Getting Their Due

A bristly researcher taking a one-way trip into an ancient alien cave. A gruff warrior making one last stand against the odds. A fanatical cutlist watching the abyss stare back while trapped in a time maze. A brilliant engineer set on rescuing Earth’s last, most advanced artificial intelligence from cyber-death. The unifying thread? Some of Destiny 2’s longest-standing side-characters are getting the send-off they deserve in the game’s latest lore dump. read more


It Took 12 Years, But I Finally Got A Platinum PlayStation Trophy

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Sony introduced trophies for PlayStation 3 games in July of 2008. Since then I’ve earned more than 3,000 virtual accolades on PlayStation consoles, but it wasn’t until last weekend that I finally joined the Platinum trophy elite, thanks to Hello Games’ The Last Campfire. read more