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The 10 Worst Things Pro Wrestling Has Done To Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but you wouldn’t know it from the world of professional wrestling. Over the years, wrestlers and wrestling organizations have tried to exploit the holiday season in a myriad of ways, from Christmas-themed gimmick matches, to wrestlers dressing up in various attempts at playing Santa, to actual Christmas movies, and generally, they all end up being cheesy at best, and actually fairly terrible at worst. We’ve looked through the archives, and come up with a bunch of examples of when it seemed like the wrestling industry was trying to guarantee that nobody had a Merry Christmas. read more


The Most Unbeatable Pro Wrestlers Ever

Being unbeatable doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you never lose a match. After all, in the history of professional wrestling, nobody with a career of any length has ever gone completely undefeated. But in certain circumstances, some wrestlers have excelled at standing above the rest of the crowd and becoming absolutely dominant. The wrestlers on this list hold some of the longest winning streaks, the lengthiest title reigns, and have survived some of the most improbably situations in order to emerge victorious. They are the wrestlers that you wouldn’t want to face at the peaks of their careers, because you would surely be walking away with a loss. read more


Who’s Next: The Extraordinary Career Of Goldberg

One of the biggest stars in WCW during the Monday Night Wars was undoubtedly the monster known as Goldberg. He debuted with an incredible undefeated streak and became one of the few people to cleanly beat Hulk Hogan in WCW history, and if not for the poor decision-making of those in charge, was well-prepared to carry the company into the new millenium. When WCW inevitably fell apart, Goldberg remained one of the most notable mainstream stars of pro wrestling. This eventually led to a WWE contract, one filled with missed opportunities and disappointment, which ended in one of the more bizarre matches ever seen. Twelve years later, Goldberg made a shocking return, declaring that he still had one more match left in him. So, for those who might not have been around the last time Goldberg prowled the squared circle, here’s a detailed look at the incredible career of The Man. read more