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Sony Says It Isn’t Spying On Your PlayStation Parties

Yesterday, Sony rolled out system software update 8.00 for the PlayStation 4, which added new features, renamed some old things, and for the most part got the old console ready to interact with the upcoming PS5. A notification that party chats may now be recorded began appearing along with the update, upsetting many users who believed Sony might be spying on them. Sony says that isn’t the case and that the message refers to an upcoming feature for the PS5. read more


Sony Says Demon’s Souls Remake Isn’t Coming To PC And ‘Other Consoles’

Update—6:19 p.m. ET, 09/16/2020: Following the original publication of this story, Sony has told Kotaku that the trailer claiming Demon’s Souls would be coming to PC and “other consoles” was a mistake, attributing the incorrect information to “human error.” When we tried to further confirm that the game wasn’t coming to PC, the rep replied, “Yes, it’s just PS5.” read more