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WWE Backlash PPV Match Results

The first Smackdown-exclusive PPV of the New Era is here, as WWE presents Backlash! While an already thin card took another hit with the reveal that Randy Orton was not medically cleared to compete, there was definitely a chance for some good wrestling and, with the introduction of two new titles, some really big moments that could change careers forever! Here’s all the results from Backlash for your enjoyment, and make sure to come back to Goliath on Monday for a more extensive look at the show! read more


10 Phenomenal Predictions For WWE Backlash

With the WWE Brand Extension once again in full swing, it’s time for the next hurdle in the road, the very first brand-exclusive Pay Per View. Smackdown gets the first kick at the can with Backlash, a PPV name that actually has a long history due to formerly being WWE’s first post-Mania PPV that dealt with the fallout from the largest show of the year (hence the name). Can Smackdown maintain the legacy of Backlash? Well, they’ve actually got a pretty big hill to climb, thanks to a small roster, a show that doesn’t seem to have enough matches announced to fill three hours, and having to introduce two major titles on the same show with only a few weeks of build-up. The talent is there, however, so the show could actually be quite good. And if you want some more thoughts and predictions to get you prepared for Backlash, well, then just keep reading. read more

15 Glorious Reactions To An Incredible SummerSlam Weekend

We can say this much for WWE, they know how to put on a spectacle, and their powers were in full force for all of SummerSlam weekend. We saw the first Universal Champion crowned, absolutely glorious debuts, tearful farewells, and an ending that we still can’t quite believe, plus any number of other big moments. We’d love to go over every detail of what has been a very long SummerSlam weekend, but there is not enough time to explain, so we’ll have to sum up instead. Here’s everything that we though was worth talking about from an absolutely packed weekend of wrestling, starting with NXT TakeOver, and going all the way to the bitter end of what felt like a day-long SummerSlam event. read more


WWE SummerSlam Match Results

This weekend was all about WWE’s biggest Pay Per View of the summer, and with 13 matches booked for the card and over six hours of time set aside for the show, it was definitely one of the longest WWE shows in recent memory. With so much to cover, let’s get right to the results of a very full night of wrestling! read more