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The 10 Worst Things Pro Wrestling Has Done To Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but you wouldn’t know it from the world of professional wrestling. Over the years, wrestlers and wrestling organizations have tried to exploit the holiday season in a myriad of ways, from Christmas-themed gimmick matches, to wrestlers dressing up in various attempts at playing Santa, to actual Christmas movies, and generally, they all end up being cheesy at best, and actually fairly terrible at worst. We’ve looked through the archives, and come up with a bunch of examples of when it seemed like the wrestling industry was trying to guarantee that nobody had a Merry Christmas. read more


Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Involved In Backstage Altercation In Mexico

The last few months have been chaotic for former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio and his girlfriend, current (for now) WWE Superstar Paige, and this weekend another chapter was added to the expanding book of their wild exploits. According to reports, Del Rio and Paige were backstage at a wrestling event in Mexico and ended up in a physical altercation with one of the wrestlers. Details are sketchy, but allegedly the fight may have started over the wrestler touching Paige or Del Rio somehow, and there is the possibility that alcohol may have played a part in the fight escalating. The fight reportedly involved Del Rio essentially beating up the smaller luchador, and apparently spilled out of the locker room and was witnessed by many fans, something which has angered the owners of the wrestling promotion. read more


WWE Officially Releases Alberto Del Rio

In a move that has clearly been coming for a while, WWE officially announced that they have “mutually agreed” to release Alberto Del Rio from his contract, according to a post on WWE.com. Del Rio has been the center of a firestorm of controversy in recent weeks, due to his public relationship with fellow Superstar Paige that recently saw both simultaneously suspended 30 days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, a messy legal situation involving his ex-wife, and a general malaise due to how he has been booked since returning to WWE in October of 2015. read more


Paige May Be On Her Way Out Of WWE

This is all speculation for now, although it comes from highly reliable sources, but it sounds like WWE Superstar and one of the stars of Total Divas, Paige, who is currently serving a 30-day suspension for violating the WWE Wellness Policy, may be trying to find a way out of her contract. It sounds as if Paige is looking to join her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, who recently exercised an “out” clause in his own contract and will be finished with the company at the end of the month, after a tumultuous last few months which saw her relationship become public, leading to several complications. read more

WATCH: Trailer For ‘Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania’, Starring WWE Superstars

In the wake of collaborations with Scooby-Doo and The Flintstones, it looks like WWE has put their fingerprints all over another animated franchise, with this sequel to the fairly successful 2007 family movie about penguins who surf. For the sequel, Cody Maverick, the main character from the original, teams up with a group of surfers all voiced by WWE Superstars, including John Cena, The Undertaker, Paige, Triple H, and Mr. McMahon. We can’t even imagine how that works, but the Scooby-Doo movies weren’t bad, so this might be worth your time too! read more