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12 Reasons Why TNA Has Failed As A Real Alternative To WWE

For years, the promotion known as TNA fought to be seen as an alternative to WWE, a haven for wrestling fans who had grown disillusioned with what WWE was providing. And at times, they did manage to succeed, putting on well-received shows, creating new stars, and they even kept the company afloat for over thirteen years despite a variety of obstacles, many of them self-inflicted. Unfortunately, for every step TNA took forward, it seemed like they would do something that caused them to slide two or three steps backwards, an unsustainable model no matter how you look at it, especially for a company trying to compete with a multi-million-dollar behemoth of an opponent like WWE. The mistakes of TNA are many, and these are the ones that helped ensure that not only would they never be even close to competing directly with WWE, but also seriously jeopardized any chance they may have had of surviving. read more

Kurt Angle Discusses His Battle With Drug Addiction On ESPN

Former WWE and TNA wrestler Kurt Angle, who is currently a free agent, was interviewed on The Dan LeBatard Show, and the multiple-time Champion, who has had very public issues with substance abuse over his career, was quite candid about his battle with addictions to pain medication and alcohol. According to Angle, at the peak of his addiction, he was taking up to 65 Vicodin a day, and when he was a part of TNA, due to less stringent policies and a more relaxed atmosphere, he began mixing his pain pill addiction with alcohol. read more


11 Best-Looking Wrestling Title Belts

Title belts represent the most prestigious awards in pro wrestling. When you’re holding a title, that means you should be considered among the absolute best wrestlers in the company, and possibly the world. That also means that the belt you carry should look the part, lending an additional air of quality to your reign. Over the many years of wrestling’s existence, there have been many good-looking titles, but there are a select handful that can be considered the absolute cream of the crop, and they can be found on this list. From the top to the bottom, we’d be thrilled to be able to carry any of these belts around on a daily basis. read more