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The Best And Weirdest Ways People Used To Fight Screen-Peeking

Every couple of years, someone on the internet demonstrates how they adjudicate screen-peeking. Two kids tape a Toy Story blanket to their TV, ensuring an airtight barrier between both halves of the CRT display. One player stands up in the middle of a Halo deathmatch, while his two friends are condemned to their own MacGyvered pods. Never again shall they be victimized by a dubious plasma grenade. Another group came up with the same mechanism. I imagine nothing feels worse to game with than a flap of cardboard resting on your head. read more


The Best, Weirdest Comics You Can Read in 2020

It’s never a bad time to kick back with a good book but doing so in the summer has a certain appeal. Whether it’s on the front porch as the sun sets, on the beach on a hot day, or indoors while an afternoon storm thunders through, summer is the time to blow through that stack of books you haven’t had time to get to since the holidays, or start a new reading stack. read more