Teamfight Tactics is already the top game on Twitch

The Auto Chess wars have begun in earnest, now that Teamfight Tactics is out in the wild. The new mode went live on the League of Legends PBE earlier today, and it’s already on top of the Twitch charts, handily beating out regular favourites like Grand Theft Auto 5, Fortnite, and even standard League of Legends.

Teamfight Tactics is up to 188k Twitch viewers as of this story, and that number has only been going up over time. While the new mode has been distributed alongside the League PBE, it’s counted as a separate game by Twitch, and League itself still has a healthy viewer count of its own. TFT viewers are buoyed by a handful of larger streamers, but no one name is holding up the count singlehandedly.

Dota Underlords, meanwhile, is at 11k viewers right now, after a peak of around 62k. Valve’s take on the concept has a respectable player count according to Steam Charts, even accounting for its currently limited release, but it’s not quite burning up the Twitch charts just yet.

The team behind Riot’s latest release is certainly excited about it.

The PBE version of Teamfight Tactics is still a beta, and players have reported a number of technical issues so far. Those will hopefully get resolved by the mode’s official release in League of Legends patch 9.13.

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We’ve now got Dota Underlords, and Teamfight Tactics competing for space, and we can soon add a standalone version of Auto Chess from the developers of the original Dota mod to it all. Here we are, at the birth of a fresh genre.

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